#LETTHELETTER: Blood Type Notebook

We believe that blood type carries much message in someone’s personality. No wonder, you can detect a lot of impressing facts about blood type. Indeed, the different positive vibes spread by each blood types. #LETTHELETTER summarized ’em into quotes, ready to inspire you by just flipping out a page. Carry your own personalized notebook, spark Read more about #LETTHELETTER: Blood Type Notebook[…]

The Talking Note – Custom Notebook For Sell

Imagine to bring your own notebook with your own ‘words’ that will inspire you every damn day? Well, try #TheTalking Note. Cheap enough to purchase, free enough to custom your own words. We will write it for you! Even if you plan to prepare it as a gift!    #NyarisPuitis proudly present “The Talking Note” Read more about The Talking Note – Custom Notebook For Sell[…]