Octoverine about October

Octoverine is 

a wolverine-kind who she recognises on October

aware that it hurts to grow claws between fingers but yet

it genetically, mutant-ically there

through days are bad

but she doesn’t want to feel like a rat or a monster

Maleficent, Joker or any infamous villains she watched in October

and not to feel humane because she doesn’t save the world either

by reducing straws usage and more claws usage… on opening glass bottles

There she comes and wonders

for how meaningless is she having claws

while trapped in the rumbling sea

clueless on how to set a sail with a sense of ‘directionally right’

although ocean is her favourite home

but October is really… not a perfect timing to go on tomorrow’s race 

Nobody can forecast storms will come eventually

Really… and nobody agree or even believe, by having claws

will somehow ease her life, help her to swim faster or dive deeper

“Just so you remember,” said the wise Elder,

“everything gold is waiting its time to shine.”

May you find the shrine

where everything unpleasant 

will not piss you off, anymore

Carry on, claws!

And careful of not getting people hurts!

Somehow in the middle of nowhere,

she found no difference between ocean and shore; between bad days and nice days.

She shall expresses her gratitude to The Boat, who helps her finding shores during moments in the ocean, where she curses her useless claws. In the middle of rescue The Boat gone astray though, but she managed to swims with confidence as her life vest, and at the end stands on her own feet. Live must go on live is going on, keep swimming, she hustles.