Netflix Movie Review: Always Be My Maybe

Everything could go wrong by having your best friend as your crush, but this theme has been always very appealing to watch. Say, the legendary When Harry Met Sally, One Day and Love, Rosie. Also, don’t forget that these theme also hit local box-offices: heart-wrenching Antologi Rasa baked from Indonesia; giggles-maker Friendzone flown from Thailand.

There are bunches of friends turned lovers movies out there, so what makes this Netflix 2019 rom-com darling, Always Be My Maybe worth to watch? My reason before watching the movie, well, I just completely drawn by when listened “Always Be My Baby” song turns rhythmically into “Always Be My Maybe” (anaknya #mure). Plus, this is asian-leads movie similar with Crazy Rich Asians, but more likely down-to-earth (alias ‘merakyat’ soalnya akyu #mure). And after watching the movie? Well..

Spoiler Alert! About 1/2 of synopsis

Standing applause for Ali Wong and Randall Park as main leads of this movie, and become the masterminds of the script-writing. They both got a strong chemistry, conversations are well-crafted, flow naturally and oftentimes on point. The story evolves around Sasha Tran, a latchkey kid who tastes the family love from her neighbour, Marcus Kim. Having most of her meals at Marcus’ home—where she develops the love of cuisine with Judy (Marcus’ mother)—they grow up together with a strong bond of friendship. But sadly, this bond cut off after they both lose virginity… together.

Fast forward to 16 years later, time just works differently to Sasha and Marcus. While the celebrity chef Sasha Tran now running on the red carpets while busy opening restaurants—which make her off to hometown San Fransisco; Marcus is standing still with his widowed father, running a repairman service and perform with his unfamous band Hello Peril. The expected ‘unexpected reunion’ is so awkward, but then reluctantly, hesitantly grow natural whilst nostalgic stories flow around them. Until here, y-yeah, typical.

Right before I think it will be just another cute-sweet relationship they will have, the storm came all out of sudden and voila! The Keanu Reeves pops up and no no, he’s not only a cameo. Though he plays role as himself—a douchebag version—his portion is just perfect to bridge Sasha-Marcus to another level of friendship: lovers.

Keanu’s effect then resonates until the very last of the movie, which makes me voluntarily watch the end-credit with a happy face (c’mon, this is not Marvel, how so?!). But I guess you’d do the same, bro, because best believe I punched Keanu Reeves and it was better than any scene.

To Quote the Quotes: Lessons!

What makes me adore Always Be My Maybe (and yes, thank you again Netflix!) is, the courage of Sasha on expressing her feeling toward her best friend in a natural way (or is she kinda drunk when they played that ice-breaker game?). How she takes the relationship to another level, and speaks wisely even it’s hurting herself. It took a brave heart to tell your partner that you love him, right after a big fight.

I don’t want you to live my live, but I want you to understand that this, is my life. I wanna be with you, I wanna come home to you even when you’re being an asshole.”

– Sasha Tran

Although the feminist-side of mine is cheering, because this movie is so pro-girl power, proven that Sasha is a cool go-getter for her career, and yep, super hardworking. But at the other side, it’s kinda heart-wrenching to see that being Marcus is never easy, too. Having his steps way left-behind Sasha’s successfulness, he is such a precious partner to have, since he always speak up his mind without any sugar-coating. And also, of course, how Marcus responds each time being asked about his life, always keep it low and cool. And oh, how-he-sing!! I bet you’ll be effortlessly impressed with how he turns tennis ball into a dope song!

One thing that I hate about this cute guy is only… he’s simply dumb.

“Wow. You cute, but you dumb.”

Veronica, on responding Marcus, that just realised Sasha is still care about him

And all of great rom-com must-have essential: comedic and emotional in a just right moment. Marcus definitely steals heart, by speaking in his way, honest and blunt:

“I want you to call me out when i’m not pushing myself hard enough. I wanna have a family with you, i wanna spend my life with you, even if it scares me. Even if I’m scared everyday as I am right now. So my question is, Sasha Tran, can I hold your purse for you?”

Marcus Kim, on the ‘bad’ speech.

Yes, babe. Pls hold my purse, my bag, and my heart *silently wipe up tears* *siape elu*

Lot of symbolic things that tangled together and discovered at the end of the movie, on how Marcus means by holding purse, is actually to hold her pulse; her life. Never knowing that, long ago, everything has been growing and flourishing in Sasha’s life. It always been about him and his family: depicts with Kimchi Jjigae. Oh how sweet. Go watch this movie, and come back with a curvy smile, warmer heart, fuller tummy 🙂

Photo credits: Netflix, Polygon, Indiewire