Felicia about February.

Everyone has their own fake names; fake smiles and fake optics:

So, Felicia was a fake name

she showed the world

a curtain that thickened, turns into walls

and then she’s totally clueless 

on how to break and crush ‘em into balls

Born in month of showing loveliness for lover

and month to celebrate loneliness for sucker

she grows bitter and better in between

And then someone tryna show affection without hesitation

by asking, “can I buy you your favourite flower?”

not knowing that her favourite is,

actually.. dandelion.

She was pretty sure that all fairytales were made up

both to destroy logic and deploy dream

all kind of flowers are made of thorns and flames

that’s why they stand tall and fragile and boundless and untouched

Hail to all heroine warriors!

I will be carrying my own sword

and if you happen to be my knight

then you might be the fairest pair

And then someone with hesitation trying to show affection

by asking “can I buy you your favourite flower?”

not knowing that my favourite is actually.. 

dandelion—baby, it’s dandelion.

Because this time, you might need to hold your breath, darling.

take it slow, or I’ll be gone with the wind.

She born in the month of love

and remind you to not forget how to fell in love, genuinely.

Thanks to my Mom, my real warrior as I born in February. Anddd because this is February, I’ll name it “Felicia.” A name I wished to become my name, because “Erina” was too weird and too short and too lame and too-too… yes, it took years to realize that Erina is simply edgy and simply powerful and simply amazing and simply catchy and simply-simply… because that’s my name and I love to live with it for my entire life.

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