Janice about January.

January, for Janice,

has no difference with ice

cold, still grasping onto unresolved resolutions

and bold enough to freeze one’s mind.

It happened when she was on the edge of cliff

jumped and fell into a so-called new year

never expecting that the bottom of her sight

is a frozen ocean, limitless no ceiling

one of her biggest fear, unconquered.

Some people in the other parts of world said,

“January is the coldest month ever,”

so sneezing forever after it seems kinda normal

“you’ll adapt to it” they said.

Between untold cold where she folds her skin and flesh

she found gold, a mere definition of her name

Janice. Jan-ice.

She’s just having enough persistence, to hang in

long enough before frosty water turns her into warm body

Darling, this, we name it, adaptation

which the ones who possessed endurance and kind heart

Can really celebrate purpose with her.

Jakarta, 2019.01.05

Happy new year, 2019.

Again, what’s your resolution? I mean, the direction you’re heading to.

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