Daisy about December.

Instead of Desi,

she wants people to call her “Daisy

simply because Desi reminds her of December

the month she met Mother of Earth



she wants people reminds her

of her simplicity and braveness

of daisy—the flower that bloom beyond her heart


Simply because Desi reminds her of December,

as if it pushes off her limit–to  the edge of cliff

with no other choices

but to jump, fearless

fall into uncertainty, and


to be a new year


But did new year change a person to be a new-me?

where resolutions detonate like loud fireworks

and sound proud like countdowns?

Her mind is still dull,

like an old library left by a owner who travel; who ravel

and he, 

he will be the one who always entangled in Daisy’s mind

when she look up to December skies

when skies are darker than his eyes

not yet, not yet

rain, please don’t fall now, she recites

as she counts the kilometres to destination

he is the one that static in Daisy’s mind

and yet she foolishly allows him


And when her steps come near the edge of the cliff,

Daisy decides to test her determination again

not sure whether this kind of ok-i’ll-let-you-go will works or not

not sure whether this kind of this-is-really-goodbye will be impactful or not

But one thing is bold within her mind,

this goodbye is not a bargain scheme in the market

“Oh, that’s too pricey, i’ll leave now!”

and after few steps passed, and the merchant’s voice bangs her head, not very happy, but in an urge

“ok, ok, how much you want? Come back, i’ll sell it to you.”


Sincerity didn’t work that way.

Jakarta, 2018.12.14

My new year resolution?

1182*472, like a banner size of an app company where I work.

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