To absorb a concert.

To recap this 2017, there’s one thing which turned out, quite often I do. To attend music concerts. Despite of (started) working in such environment, this activity drawn me to think and reflect more, the essential of the music concert itself.

For you, what does a concert mean?
For me, concert is an intimate party which you can enjoy with countless people screaming around you without being pissed off and… distracted. The contradictory is real, and it makes sense for an amphibian like me. Concert can be so loud and uplifting which ignite souls; yet and the same time can be so quiet down here which searches one fine ‘place’ that offers tranquility. It’s like a totally exclusive world within an existing world you lived in. Imagine, you, surrounded by people (like you) and you all feel the sort-of-same-emotion and euphoria, and yet at the same time it feels so damn private. The excitement speaks in many ways.

Turns out, a concert that really exciting for me is not the kind that bring crazy amusement, i.e, XXX Festival with bunch of DJs and remixes, Jazz Festival with lot of famous and artsy musicians, etc. It may sounds ridiculous, but it also surprised me that at the end, the one which moves me—well, call me old-fashioned—is the one who came up with stories. Turns out that I prefer the stories, the value of the artist, which depends on how long I am following their works.

That ‘not-easily vanished’ euphoria for concert this year, I felt with Yoga Lin, a Taiwanese singer that I really want dedicate this writing for him, for such a simple reason: his works had moved me all these time. Just because I love his work too much. Too much I can cry and laugh at the same time when he sings; too much that I can freely drifted between imagination and reality he shows to us.

A concert ticket is not just a piece of paper, is not just a token for venue entrance. It’s an invitation to enter musician’s head and heart. Though it’s totally priceless, but when I bought the ticket, it never cross my mind that I am buying his darlings: the painstacking efforts, bloody dreams, his insecurities and sincere feelings, his laughter and desperation… all his experiences that finally shape his songs; his performance. And also, the way he packed it all with his style, to be enjoyable and celebrate-able.

To be honest, Yoga Lin is not a very well-known singer in my circle. But yet, years ago the first time I listen to his debut, I knew it won’t be any turning back. He was so damn good in his own style, he created the magic which drift people to daydreaming and ‘stargazing’ state of mind. Definitely at that time, Yoga Lin is not one of the mainstream Taiwanese musicians (like Jay Chou or Leehom), but the force is strong with me. So until Sept 9, 2017, I attended his first time concert in Arena of Stars, Genting, Malaysia and heard his statement about his struggles on composing songs. Some words linger until this moment: for you only need to let others find you and your works, those who really trust and listen will come to look for you. The ones who introduce themselves as anything, that heard your calling (too).

Lastly, thank you for locked us up together at this ‘super huge room’ and hear you sang, as if I could freely dive into your head and wore your shoes. To finally found out there’s nothing you can’t share, to found out the inter-tangle universes between all of us are worthwhile to be celebrated, and happy we are doing it so.

And uh, let’s have a concert-able* new year ahead!

*that kind of super-crowded but you can feel the peaceful sphere, and most importantly, goddamn meaningful stories.


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