The Talking Note – Custom Notebook For Sell

Imagine to bring your own notebook with your own ‘words’ that will inspire you every damn day?

Well, try #TheTalking Note. Cheap enough to purchase, free enough to custom your own words. We will write it for you! Even if you plan to prepare it as a gift! 


#NyarisPuitis proudly present “The Talking Note”


Material: Cover Concord 250gr; Content Sketch Paper Lyra 220gr; 25 pgs.

Talking Note 1

#TheTalkingNote: “Someone Who Can Be Loved”

Talking Note

#TheTalkingNote: “Mulai dengan Mulia”

Talking Note

#TheTalkingNote: “Start and Don’t Stop”

Talking Note

#TheTalkingNote: “The Sunshine Within You”

Talking Note

#TheTalkingNote: “Every Damn Day”

Talking Note

#TheTalkingNote: “Enjoy Today”

Custom note? Ask for more?

LINE@: @ggm7099a

Email: hai.kamu[at]nyarispuitis[dot]com

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